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Red Nuzlocke - Prologue / Page 1 by Neila078

It's an interesting style of drawing you've done here, nothing I've ever seen before, certainly. I really like the way you did the TV s...

1. Choose one of your OC's
2. Answer each question truthfully
3. Tag 3 or more people after completing this tag h o w a b o u t n o

1.) What's the name of your character?
Megan Long. (Denies that's actually her last name, of course, being a stubborn lil butt.)

2.) Tell us about your character.
Megan was born in Chinatown of San Francisco, but spent most of her life under the care of the Interdimensional Peace Corps, whom you're not supposed to know about. She's around twenty-ish and speaks twelve languages, is a black belt in three different types of martial art, can shoot a gun pretty well (but she doesn't really like doing that much), can do a pretty good tango, and also routinely practices ballet as part of her strength training.

3.) How did you make your character up?
*War flashbacks* I was around nine or ten years old and bored on an airplane, so I drew this little Asian girl with a Kim Possible t-shirt. Then my mind started wandering and a Kim Possible-inspired wannabe-YA thriller story cropped up around it called Lord of the Bug Amulets, and Megan was born.

4.) Is it easy drawing your character?
Yes, actually, she's one of my simpler characters to draw. Her appearance has evolved a lot over time, but it's stayed relatively simple. A secret agent/international crimefighter/IDPC Honor Guard member can't really be too fancy.

5.) When did you make your character up?
Almost six years ago, wow. Megan's the same age as my little brother.

6.) What inspiration(s) brought your character to life?
Kim Possible and general kid's/teen's spy fiction, as stated before. Around that time I started getting into the James Patterson novels and crime/investigation shows, so that was a big part of it.

7.) Is your character dear to you? If so, how come?
Well, yeah. Megan was the first real OC I ever created and wrote a story about. Multiple, actually. She makes Ethan and company look like infants. And as troublesome as my OCs are, it's hard not to love every single one of them. Megan was there from the beginning of my (long, painful) writing career and I'm pretty sure, if I'm still writing about her six years later, she's not gonna leave anytime soon.

8.) If you were forced to compare your character to another, who would you compare him/her/it to?
I dunno really, but she reminds me of Batman sometimes. Of course I like to think she's more consistently written than that...

9.) Is your character related to you in any way? Personality? Problems? Traits?
Megan is my sense of humor personified. She's incredibly sarcastic, makes dry jokes all the time, finds enjoyment in making people squirm, and laughs like a fucking idiot.

10.) If your character came to life, what would you do?
It really depends on whether or not she'd know who I was. If she didn't, she'd probably just avoid me and I'd be too shy to tell her. If she did, I'd run, because I've put her through so much shit and terrible writing that she'd punch me. After that I'd give her a big hug, though, because she's kinda special and important to me, and definitely needs it.

11.) Is your character a hero or a villain? How do you see them as?
Well, she has a really strong sense of right and wrong and acts as such, putting her morals above rules and restrictions. She's also very vocal about what she doesn't like; AKA if there's some rule or guideline she doesn't like for whatever reason, she'll actively voice her complaints about it while going against it as much as possible while still in the technical wording of whatever rule it is. Also she looooves loopholes. So kind of an anti-hero, I guess.

12.) Is your character a part of any particular story you made up?
Considering she's part of a justice force that prevents conflict between entire dimensions/universes, she's technically part of every story I've made up. (You know that one unimportant side character with three lines? That's Megan on patrol.)

13.) What song/movie/book/play do you think of when you imagine your character?
Batman and Kim Possible. Also Angel With A Shotgun, Crystalmethequins, and Stutter. I could make a whole album with songs about Megan. That is a project for another time.

14.) Would your character play well if him/her/it had his/her/its own book or film?
I think she'd just laugh at the idea and say fuck no.

15.) Make up your own question. If your character weren't in the story they were in and lived a normal life, what would they be doing?
To be honest, Megan would actually be a pretty normal, happy person. She'd still have the sarcasm, of course, but other than that she'd be like one of those twentysomethings with big dreams and hobbies and loads friends because she'd be really nice if she weren't so cynical.

So yeah, that's Megan. :)


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Hey everyone, I'm DetectiveRoboMonkey. I'm a girl, almost 16 years old, and a writer. Writing is what I really love, but I love art too. I actually am kind-of published on both and Usually a lot of my drawings are something from a story I've written, cover pages for a given story, and I've been working on a comic book. And one more thing: I love pokémon. It's pretty much the only thing I write. So if you're looking for pokémon or the 'shippings of, you've come to the right place.

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